Our Team


Photo by Lyndon Mechielsen

Dr Nancy Schellhorn 

Agro-ecologist and entomologist with domain knowledge in integrated pest management and fruit fly monitoring.



Mr Darren Moore 

Electronics engineer with a background in environmental monitoring systems, software and prototype development.



Ms Laura Jones 

Research technician with a background in insect behaviour and prototype development.


Behind The Scenes


RapidAIM wouldn’t exist without the talents and hard work of the following contributors:


PCB design and mechanical engineering: 

Stephen Brosnan, Leslie Overs, Ben Wilson and the CSIRO Data61 Advanced Mechatronics Systems team


Cloud Development, RapidAIM App and UX development:

Tim Pitman, Dave Factor, Ben Barnes and the CSIRO Data61 Smart Infrastructure Systems team


Entomological field and laboratory support:

Anna Marcora, Xiaobei Wang (and website development), Cate Paull and the Pest Suppressive Landscapes Team