We’re proud to announce that RapidAIM is now an SXC Certified Organic allowed input company! The organic market is currently booming in Australia, with the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund giving 30M to farmers, and other retailers such as Aldi expanding on their Organic range.

What does this mean for organic growers?

Growers that are certified organic can deploy our Digital Pest Surveillance system on their orchards and enjoy the benefits of real time fruit fly alerts and targeted control – with the reassurance it won’t affect their certification.

How does it work?

Our smart traps, in their organic version, come equipped with chemical-free Pheromone-based lures that are as efficient at attracting fruit flies as they are respectful to the environment! Our range also includes traditional lures for non-organic farmers.

Sounds good?

We want to hear about your fruit fly surveillance, monitoring and control needs. Contact us now for a friendly chat.

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