We are all pretty bug-mad here at RapidAIM, but our new Entomologist Cody Story takes it to another level!

Recently having completed his BSc/Zoology degree with a focus on insects, Cody is now working on all things moth related: keeping them, breeding them, and running experiments on them. It’s a key part of RapidAIM’s R&D and we are thrilled to have Cody on board.

When not caring for insects at work, Cody is either caring for them at home (stick insects, ants, beetles) or embarking on a mission to photograph them. A passionate photographer, he aims to photograph things the average person will not come across, particularly in difficult to reach places like the rainforest or desert.

He has an interest in large scale environmental data collection to help with finding and photographing animals.

Along with various insects, Cody also keeps Rainbowfish, particularly the different colour/catchment forms of Rhadinocentrus ornatus. He is a keen hiker and loves exploring the great outdoors.

Welcome to the team Cody!