It’s a super exciting time at RapidAIM and we are growing fast! To help us stay on track and keep all our ducks in a row we now have Rebecca Feddema on board as our new Chief of Staff!

Rebecca (or Feds as we call her) comes from a background of Journalism and Political Science, and has spent 25 years in management in the SEO and Digital Marketing space. Instead of hanging out with people geeking out about Google algorithm updates, she is now hanging out with us and geeking out about bugs, which she says is a pretty cool change.

“This week I learned about these things called “parasitoid wasps” and OMG those things are brutal! You know those ghastly monsters in Ridley Scott’s Alien – well these wasps inspired it…”

Feds returned to Australia last year after 20 year in London, and during the pandemic she says she’s had plenty of time to reflect on what’s important. She’s committed to work with companies that are doing good for people and the planet and reckons that RapidAIM fits the bill (We do too!).

When she’s not helping Nancy kick goals here in the office, she loves gardening, bushwalking and keeping fit playing netball and hitting the gym. Now that she’s on home soil Feds is looking forward to spending quality time with friends and family.

Thanks for joining our team Feds!