We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Justin Cappadonna who will be stepping up to be the lead Project Officer for our RapidMOTH project.

Recently having completed his PhD in entomology at the University of Queensland, we are super excited to now have him as part of the team!

Justin is keen on finding ways to use insect behaviours to help develop environmentally responsible methods to manage insect pests. Insects perceive the world in vastly different ways than us humans, Justin is intrigued by how these little critters can travel long distances across landscapes to find particular plants to feed on.

Growing up and working in HawaiĆ­ before coming to Australia, Justin had encounters with some amazing insects such as carnivorous caterpillars and bugs that live only on the top of volcanos. Beyond his fondness for insects, Justin has a passion for environmental education and the occasional Dungeons & Dragons game.

Welcome to the team Justin!