Manage your pest risk the digital way

Save on monitoring & pesticide costs while also limiting crop loss thanks to RapidAIM’s technology.

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Pest monitoring

Real-time, accurate peace of mind

Relying on manually monitoring of traps is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and risky because the damage has already been done. Our instant alert system shows when and where pests are active allowing for a rapid response.

Digital crop protection

No more “Spray & Pray”

The guessing game of where, when, and how much you should spray to control pests is over. Knowing exactly when a management action is needed will reduce your insecticide costs and improve the quality of your crop.

See the time of day when pests are most active
Custom solutions

Affordable, scalable & simple

RapidAIM is simple to use, low maintenance & reliable. Download the app, scan the QR code on the traps, plug in the battery, and the real-time pest monitoring service is live in minutes.

Already trusted by many:

With RapidAIM we have definitely worried less about fruit fly. We aren’t guessing anymore, and we aren’t just spraying for the sake of it!

Dom ScaliScali Coolstores

The real-time accuracy of RapidAIM helped our staff target-spray at the right place and the right time instead of going for a blanket spray.

Dale WilliamsEuri Gold

RapidAIM allows us to make faster management decisions, and has enabled us to quickly determine if our control strategies are being effective.

Damien ClothierMountain Blue

RapidAIM is amazing. We’ve never had anything like this before – we’ve never been able to see the pest problems and if our control is working!

Deon KersteinOzGroup

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