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Daily pest pressure and the trend for your region

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Fruit Fly Forecasts

New South Wales

  • Coffs Harbour (Coming soon)

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You can trust our forecasts

Our forecasting models have been tested across 5 regions covering 2,500 square kilometres in Australia and can predict impending pest pressure with 90% accuracy, so you can prepare your management and workflow plans with confidence.

What goes into the pest forecast

We have a high density of sensors deployed around Shepparton and the Greater Sunraysia region collecting real-time information. By combining this with detailed weather information and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can now predict what pest pressure is likely to be with 90% accuracy.

The graph below shows our model’s predictions (red) versus the actual detections that occurred (purple). So you and your agronomist can see a clear picture of what’s happening in the region right now and in the future.

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