Accurate region-to- farm pest detection & forecast in real-time

We take the guesswork out of pest management.

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Key features

No cameras, no bulky equipment, no complicated software. RapidAIM is scalable for high resolution detection, orchard-wide and area-wide.

See pest locations

Detection data shown across your farm – make your control count where it is needed.

Know when pests arrive

Get real-time alerts of pest detection on your device, anywhere, anytime.

Reduce risks

Add a spray event to know when and where control is working.

Easy & affordable

Hassle-free subscription service that is price-point competitive with manual monitoring and delivers better value.

Accurate pest monitoring

Designed for growers

We created our service with growers in mind and as RapidAIM grows we continue to look for ways to improve our service for those who use it.

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Pest surveillance

Delivering area-wide management

RapidAIM works as a surveillance grid that gives the earliest possible indication of pest activity in a region. Know early, act now.

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Why we're different

We deliver best in class, real-time pest information, from orchards, to farms, to whole regions, for efficient pest management actions.

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The latest

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9th December 2021

FMC Corporation collaborates with RapidAIM for pest detection in Australia

SYDNEY, December 06, 2021 – FMC Corporation, a leading global agricultural sciences company, and RapidAIM, an agtech start-up delivering region-to-farm…

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