Know now. Act early.

We take the guess-work out of pest management.

What we do

We use the very latest in Internet of Things sensor technology to take the guess-work out of pest management. We provide real-time information of insect pest detection in your orchards & farms.

Why we’re different

No other pest data service can deliver real-time data with low power and low cost. No cameras, no bulky equipment, no complicated software. RapidAIM is scalable for high resolution detection, orchard-wide and area-wide.

See pest locations

Detection data shown across your farm – make your control count where it is needed.

Know when pests arrive

Get real-time alerts of pest detection on your device, anywhere, anytime.

Freedom to move

Our sensors are small and easy to move, from crop to crop, season to season.

Easy & affordable

Hassle-free subscription service that is price-point competitive with manual monitoring and delivers better value.

Why we do it

Globally 100,000 tons of insecticide is used each year – the vast majority never makes it to the intended target. Why? Insects pest are very small and very mobile, making detection and control a guessing game!

How we do it

We have developed world-first IoT sensor technology that detects unique behaviours of insects. Just like a fingerprint can unlock your phone, an insect can “unlock” a RapidAIM sensor. The location of the insect is then logged in real-time!

Pest detection is reported to you via alerts and farm maps through a simple to use interface in the RapidAIM Mobile App.

Our sensors are placed inside traps that can be hung anywhere in an orchard. They do not require solar panels or complicated installation. They are ultra-low power and provide detection data season round.

What we offer

We take the guesswork out of pest management with our data products.

On-farm pest detection

Get alerts and high resolution
real-time maps of pest detections

Regional pest risk

See in real-time pest occurrence
across your region so you are ready to act

Pest forecasts

Know what’s coming,
know how to plan


Our first application is fruit fly detection and monitoring. Fruit fly is the biggest biosecurity problem globally and costs growers and governments billions each year in control, monitoring and lost production.

We offer pest location information on a subscription basis, similar to a mobile phone plan. Sensors are installed for the duration of your data plan to deliver pest information to you worry free.

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Real-time detection of Queensland fruit fly and Mediterranean fruit fly.

Watch this space!

Watch this space!

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Meet our team

We are a team of scientists and engineers with a deep tech and agricultural background and a vision for the future.

We are proud to be taking the game-changing technology that we invented to the world!

Dr. Nancy Schellhorn
CEO & Co-founder

CSIRO; Globally recognized Ag & Biosecurity research; PhD Entomology University of Minnesota, USA; MS Ecology & BS Agriculture University of Missouri, USA.

Mr. Darren Moore
CTO & Co-founder

CSIRO; Idiap Research Institute Switzerland, Motorola; Embedded software; Sensing systems; MEng, BEng (Hons 1), BIT, Queensland University of Technology.

Ms. Laura Jones
COO & Co-founder

CSIRO; Insect behaviour & pest monitoring expert;
BEnv Mgmt (Hons 1) University of Queensland.

Mr. Stefan Aichholzer
Software lead

Software engineer & systems architect; BS Computer science & Software engineering. MS Biomedical engineering, UPM (Spain)

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