Accurate pest detection and forecasting at scale

We collaborate with partners to give them the pest information they need. Our scalable, fully integrated Ag-IoT device delivers real time, accurate and granular pest detection information and forecast.

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Pest information analytics

Real-time prediction

Plan and prepare with the RapidAIM pest forecast to 

  • Eliminate surprises
  • Improve workflow
  • Time product use
  • Achieve expected control

Collaborative Grid Deployment

Together we can deploy grids of plug-and-play, ultra-low power sensors. A highly scalable system that delivers phenomenal pest information from orchards, to farms, to regions, to nations.

Custom solutions

Area-wide management for regions

The RapidAIM service is ideal for early detection, responding to outbreaks, and coordinating an area-wide response. RapidAIM has been proven to reduce government surveillance costs by 35%, and response to pest outbreaks by more than 60%.

Monthly hotspots highlight problem areas
Grid of sensors deployed across hundreds of square kilometres
Sensors monitoring 24/7

Already trusted by many:

RapidAIM has played a pivotal role in helping us prevent fruit fly from establishing in the Yarra Valley. Real-time detection is key to our area wide management goals, as it enables a rapid response, which is crucial to the effectiveness of fruit fly eradication and containment.

Bronwyn KollAgribusiness Yarra Valley

RapidAIM is the future! Having real-time pest information means that I can take action now, which prevents a bigger problem later.

Stefo RadevskiRadevski Coolstores

RapidAIM is amazing. We’ve never had anything like this before – we’ve never been able to see the pest problems and if our control is working!

Deon KersteinOzGroup

RapidAIM allows us to make faster management decisions, and has enabled us to quickly determine if our control strategies are being effective.

Damien ClothierMountain Blue

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