Bundaberg Fruit Fly Forecast

A new way of managing pest risk

Come join us for a beer and some food on Tuesday the 28th of February at our FREE Bundaberg Fruit Fly Forecast grower event where we’ll give hands on guidance on how to make RapidAIM work for you. 

Let us show you: 
  1. What is happening with Fruit Fly in the region with 90% accuracy. Do away with guesswork!
  2. How big the problem is right now relative to the rest of the season
  3. Exactly how the Regional Fruit Fly Radar can help you plan ahead and reduce risk.

As well as hear how other growers are using RapidAIM to increase yield.

Registration is FREE and you’ll also go into the draw to win 2 tickets to Magic Round in Brisbane

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Event Details

Location: Rowers on the River 

Address: 2 Toonburra St, Bundaberg Central QLD

Time: 3:30pm 

Detail: Beer, wine and food provided

RapidAIM Digital Crop Defence,
Taking the Guesswork out of Crop Protection!

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