Last July, in the midst of a period marked by Covid-fuelled economic uncertainty, RapidAIM struck a deal with OzGroup – one of Australia’s major Blueberry producers – to protect 127 of their growers from Fruit Fly.

Then, as the country thought it had contained the pandemic, a major second outburst put Melbourne into lockdown and tighter border restrictions were implemented on an already all-but-sealed Queensland. The trip initially planned to Coffs Harbour to help setup the RapidAIM smart traps had to be cancelled, meaning the deployment would have to be 100% DIY on the customer’s end.

What could have proved an arduous (if not impossible) challenge with a different solution turned out to be a smooth process, thanks to the plug-and-play nature of RapidAIM’s service offering.

Traps were pre-assembled in Brisbane before being shipped to the customer, complete with a state-of-the-art User Manual & Quick Start Guide. The registration and trap scanning abilities shipped with the RapidAIM’s mobile app meant that OzGroup agents were able to easily create user accounts, activate and assign traps to their relevant owners and have a complete grid setup in a matter of days.

RapidAIM’s dedicated team provided responsive support to the customer when needed. OzGroup has now a fully functioning smart traps grid, and their growers receive a weekly SMS / email report that elegantly outlines any Fruit Fly activity in their region.

In addition to the above, continuous tech improvements to RapidAIM’s unique Fruit Fly detection algorithm are provided to OzGroup as part of their subscription via Remote Firmware Upgrade.

As Covid continues to impact our economy and our daily lives, RapidAIM is pleased to provide a 100% remote high-tech, high-quality service that is a breeze to setup and use.


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