SYDNEY, December 06, 2021 – FMC Corporation, a leading global agricultural sciences company, and RapidAIM, an agtech start-up delivering region-to-farm pest analytics, today announced a new collaboration to create an accurate pest detection and forecasting service for several key pests and crops across Australia.

Under the agreement, RapidAIM will provide patented smart sensors, a network of instrumented and wirelessly connected traps which remotely and effectively detect insect pests in the orchard in real time. By aggregating this real-time data combined with machine learning, RapidAIM will deliver state-of-the-art regional pest forecasts for incorporation into FMC’s Arc™ farm intelligence application.

“We look forward to working together with RapidAIM to more accurately predict pest pressure before it becomes a problem. FMC’s proprietary Arc™ farm intelligence platform uses predictive modelling based on real-time data to help ensure the right crop protection products are applied precisely where and when they are needed to improve sustainability, optimize crop yield and enhance grower return on investment (ROI). Together, we have an unrivalled advantage to quickly learn from nature and accelerate our team’s ability to provide advisors and growers with crop protection advice and insights faster, easier and in a smarter way,” said Leandro Posteraro, FMC’s strategic product manager in Australia. “We’re proud to work collaboratively with companies like RapidAIM as we enter a new era of innovation and technology.”

The partnership will commence with a pilot this season in the Shepparton area in Northern Victoria.

Dr. Nancy Schellhorn, co-founder and CEO of RapidAIM, said: “We believe that the future of agriculture lies in targeted crop protection based on comprehensive, digital pest monitoring and forecasting. Together with FMC, we’re helping growers in Shepparton, and soon the world, take the guesswork out of crop protection and focus their efforts where it matters most.”

About FMC

FMC Corporation is a global agricultural sciences company dedicated to helping growers produce food, feed, fibre, and fuel for an expanding world population while adapting to a changing environment. FMC’s innovative crop protection solutions – including biologicals, crop nutrition, digital and precision agriculture – enable growers, crop advisers and turf and pest management professionals to address their toughest challenges economically while protecting the environment. With approximately 6,400 employees at more than 100 sites worldwide, FMC is committed to discovering new herbicide, insecticide and fungicide active ingredients, product formulations and pioneering technologies that are consistently better for the planet. Visit FMC Australia – Welcome (fmccrop.com.au) to learn more and follow FMC Australia on Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®.

About RapidAIM

RapidAIM Pty Ltd is an insect sensing technology company providing accurate region-to-farm pest detection and forecasts in real-time. RapidAIM takes the guesswork out of pest management by providing digital assurance layers of pest information for better decision making. Dedicated to delivering solutions that support sustainable pest management, RapidAIM Pty Ltd is a startup company developed with the support of CSIRO’s Australian national science and technology accelerator, ON. RapidAIM insect sensing technology is exclusively licensed to RapidAIM Pty Ltd.

RapidAIM Media contact:
Nancy Schellhorn 0428 663 611