January was a busy month for us at RapidAIM as we deployed a further 100 new generation smart traps in the Yarra Valley for the Yarra Valley Growers Association, bringing the total number of fruit fly traps used by this programme to 140.

This new deployment phase went smoothly, and is a testament of the trust that this customer has in the accuracy and reliability of our Digital Pest Surveillance System: RapidFly.

On the field, we were delighted to witness first-hand the outstanding connectivity of our new traps, which use Telstra’s new NarrowBand IoT network. This means they are completely standalone and independent of any Gateway. Our customers can therefore choose to place them in the most remote locations with the assurance they will work perfectly.

A mere few minutes after we turned the traps on, we saw them appear on our RapidAIM app, all reporting GPS location and providing our customer real time surveillance. This is how fast and simple our system is to setup.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Yarra Valley Growers Association and deploying our groundbreaking tech to more surveillance and monitoring programs in the near future!

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